Server is life since

20 April 2021

After many tries to shut us down.We are still here!We are looking forward to you!



L2Capitol features


  • Exp - 2000x SP - 2000x
  • Advanced

    • Safe enchant +5
    • Max enchant +30
    • GOD Armors
    • GOD Talismans
    • GOD Shirts
    • GOD Jewelry
    • GOD Dragon Weapons
    • GOD Farm Zones
    • Atribute one click
    • Hold ctrl+mouse
    • GOD Weapons
    • GOD Belt
    • GOD Dyes
    • GOD La Vie En Rose Jewels
    • GOD Tauti Weapons
    • GOD Raid Bosses

    Class transfers, GM shop, Buffer

    • free class transfer
    • GM shop up to S84 GOD grade
    • ALT+B Full Community Board: GK,GM Shop,Buffer,Drop Caltulator,Auction,Subclass,WH,Dyes,Donate shop,Server Info,Char Commands,RB Teleports

    Heroes, sieges, TWs

    • Heroes once per month
    • Sieges every weekend
    • Territory wars every weekend
    • Daily Auto events every hour

    Bots allowed for farm,not for pvp or sieges!

    How to easily connect

    In order to connect to the L2Capitol server, please follow these steps.

    1. DOWNLOAD L2Capitol Patch

    Mirror #1
    Mirror #2

    2. Delete your old system from L2 Directory
    3. Place our system or extract it in the same L2 Directory!
    4. Accounts are registered automaticaly, just write your account and login.
    5. Start the Game by clicking on l2.exe from inside /system folder!

    6. Have fun playing on L2Capitol!